• NOLTA Group is a developer of innovative products in the field of tourism and everyday life.At first there was nothing. Then came the low. Then it was not enough. Now it is a clear understanding that every thing simply has to be functional and comfortable.

Wherever you are, wherever you are going: everywhere you need maximum comfort.

  • NOLTA Group thinks over for you what you will need in this or that situation. And makes exclusive things and offers. Specifically for you, clearly to suit your needs. And sometimes it works on the lead.

The modern approach to the convenience of life is the basis of the philosophy of the brand NOLTA.

Things are for us, not us for them.

  • NOLTA Group covers areas such as tourism, office work, home appliances, car stuff that make life easier, and more. Clearly shows what you need in a particular situation. Not only that: collects for you sets, sets, suitcases, thoughts...

Do not think about comfort: we will organize it for you. Just relax.