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Description of NOLTA lunch box:

Eating right and on time is very important for every person. Lunch box NOLTA for food with several sections is a great solution for transporting Lunches to work, gym or school. Lunch box NOLTA helps to keep products fresh, maintains the desired temperature, is airtight. No lunch box NOLTA is not complete picnics, Lunches in the office or schools.

It looks stylish, prestigious and European-style comfortable.

The advantages of the lunch box NOLTA:

-Sealed lid with latches ensures reliable preservation of all that is put in it.

-Optimal volume-the ideal solution for a full lunch of several dishes.

-Retains heat for 4-6 hours.

-Several sections of lunch box ergonomically store food, while not mixing the smells and tastes of different dishes.

-For the convenience of transportation of NOLTA lunch box, you can use the NOLTA lunch package, ideal in size and additionally retains heat.

Features of NOLTA lunch box:

Steel appliances - lunch box NOLTA have complete steel appliances.

Safe - does not contain bisphenol-A. lunch box NOLTA made of food-grade plastic and tested for the possibility of contact with products.

Tightness-lunch box NOLTA is equipped with silicone pads, thereby ensuring maximum tightness.

The optimal volume - lunch box NOLTA ideal solution for a full lunch of several dishes.

The ability to use in the microwave - lunch box NOLTA have valves to be able to heat in the microwave.

Transformer - containers of lunch box NOLTA can be assembled into one structure and used independently from each other.

For whom the lunch box NOLTA:

The modern man is less time for a full meal at home or in a cafe, this lunch box for lunch and dinner has become a necessity.

Lunch box NOLTA is particularly relevant capacity for food for parents who are bringing their children to school.

Students and school children need proper nutrition, this NOLTA lunch box is a great solution for them.

Lunch box NOLTA is a great option for those who prefer separate food. The box is divided into sections, this products are not mixed. Steel devices are attached to the body.


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